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Monday, March 9, 2009

The 3 D.Kingz_the new group from malik

As you all may very well know music is a healing will relax you or it can make you lets only talk about music that makes you feel good.the song i create are just music will make you feel good and Groove you.if you think i'm full of it.come to my reverbnation/kingmalik page and listen to them and chek my statistics,and see who'd feelin my group name is 3 D.Kingz_.and my latest trak is called The Rise and Fall of Egyptian Kingz.i play all instruments on this trak as well as all my others.Producer,Composer,others remember my songs from and and many other sites.although i do have a reputation from having a top 5 or top ten spot wherever my media has been posted.ascap member and song writer.i have a page on the ascap community music is love.catch me at and you will hear music from a Heavenly space.also watch for my debute album on Moiko Records coming soon.3 D.Kingz_ that's my true musical statement!
Sincerly Yours,
A.D.Torain aka KingMalik_ aka 3 D.KINGZ_